Workin' For A Living - New Melbourne - (Part I)

The trip, if you asked Cyd, was way too short. She enjoyed the company of the Lunar Veil and its occupants. Vas with his ready supply of clove cigarettes, Tim with his quick wit, Serena to occupy Isaac, Patch with his words of wisdom and Jago - who wasn't that bad if you got to know him and did as little as possible to be in his way. But they had work to do, and besides, it was never too long before they'd see the crew again.

Cyd felt some of the sadness from their departure melt the moment she breathed in the salty air, even if it wasn’t the good ‘beachy’ kind. It was humid enough however to slightly curl her aqua hair into waves that cascaded down her back. She’d likely have to tie it in a braid for the job but for now, she could enjoy the sun and scent of the water - as soon as she checked in. The middle Skye tapped a few keys on her datapad and pointed them towards a row of shops where the boys could get new dress shirts.

Isaac dropped his board and hopped on as soon as they hit the pavement. The board barely rumbled as he glided alongside his siblings. The extra height finally making him every so slightly taller than his sister, a fact that sat well with the teen. His backpack slung off of his left shoulder, swayed lazily. Packing light was a way of life for the trio and Isaac made a point to pack up in the event they'd be leaving by some other means. "Always be ready with a contingency." It happened often enough that he was used to it by now. "So," he broke the ice as the three made their way towards the shops, "this I bussing again?" He asked with a hint of distaste for the chore in his tone.

“Sorry, Lo, someday, you’ll appreciate the fact that you look a few years younger than you are,“ Cyd said, ruffling his hair before the boy skated just out of reach.

"N aap in die moi he?" Mathias snickered. "You always have fun and you know, plus the perks … all the lekker sweets at the end!" He pointed out to his younger brother.

“Mathias, you're waiting tables. Salad, entre’, dessert, “ she said pointedly, “and I’m on cocktails, so at least one of us will get tips. Shop over there has button-ups. You take Lolo, I’ve got a call to make.”

Isaac grumbled but he couldn't be too annoyed. He didn't want to admit it but they were right. Sure, the work was hard, but some of the best perks were the free food back in the kitchen, especially at those high-end events. Best of all, you didn't have to put on fake smiles or anything to get it like what Mat and Cyd would have to while they worked. In the end, he had to confess, it wasn't that bad a gig. Plus, where else would people like them get to eat so fancy? Now if only he could get them to stop messing his hair, he thought as he pawed at his head trying to smooth out all back into place.

"Come on, you, let's grab a halfway decent shirt and be done with it," Mathias said, taking his turn to muss Isaac's hair as lead the way into the store. Siblings could be such bastards.

Mathias hated clothes shopping, it being such a chore to him. He really didn't care about the style so long as the shirt was white, a button down and it fit for the event.

The shop wasn't big and the clothing was either packaged neatly on shelves or hanging on racks. The cashier was reading from a data pad and it was clear the place was not getting a ton of traffic today. The duo received a halfhearted grunt of a hello.

Mathias zeroed in on the shelf focusing on the plainest simplest look that just happened to also be the cheapest. He rifled through the stack trying to find his and Isaac's sizes. Mathias tried not to look like he was chewing on rotting lemons as he searched further and further down the stack of folded button down shirts.

Isaac looked at Mathias quizzically. "Why do you always do this?" He asked. "They aren't gonna be any different further down." He added with a roll of his eyes. "Me Medium, you Large." He said as he pulled the first two from the stack that matched those criteria. "See? Simple. Why are you always so picky?"

"Because they never put them in order and larges are never actually large and the mediums are either too big or too small. You have to check the numbers on the back." Mathias said, flipping one over to show the measurements printed on the back. "Otherwise you're looking like a ten year old wearing one of my shirts. Be my guest if that's the look you wanna go for." He prodded his brother. "If mine is too small it'll tear if I move the wrong way too fast. Remember Yu city on Shion? Not looking to repeat that."

Isaac snickered remembering the time Mathias's pants didn't fit quite right and tore at the seat. "You gave those rich old bitties quite a show." He laughed. "As I recall, you got some baie mooi tips that night. Just had to deal with a little grab ass." He teased with a grin.

"I am a human being! Not some slab of meat to be ogled and fondled by thirsty cougars!" Mathias with dramatic flair.

" are tips." Isaac shrugged nonchalantly and then smirked at his older brother. "So what's it gonna be," he asked, holding up two shirts for comparison, "barely enough to afford protein paste or fresh strawberries for a week?" He held the second shirt a bit higher and made suggestive looks.

Mathias gave his brother an oblique look. "Oh look! A medium that might just barely fit you. Only one I could find. Show off those budding biceps of yours, too bad we can't find one that fits better, oh noooo." He said in a deadpan tone, nabbing a more appropriate large for himself.

"Doos." Isaac said, hardly amused, as he snatched the button down from his brother's hand and marched to the nearest changing stall just to make sure it fit properly. Would Mathias be so petty as to "accidentally" grab a Small shirt and pass it off as a Medium just to watch Isaac suffer? Yes, Isaac reasoned, yes he would.

"Remember the potential tips!" Mathias called to his retreating brother.

Issac made a rude gesture before closing the stall to try on the shirt causing Mathias to laugh.

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