Workin' For A Living - New Melbourne - (Part 3)

“You do indeed, “ Gershwitz said with a smile. “Here, let me help.”

Cyd tried not to laugh at her brother’s expense. She made small talk with a few other temps hired for the event, avoiding Gershwitz at all costs.

Ms. Gershwitz leaned in close to utensils … and Mathias. Oh when plans go much further then it should. When the forks and knives were fixed she had given him a pat on the shoulder that lingered a little too long then what someone might consider appropriate. Either this was going to work really well for them or backfire spectacularly. The night was young!

Isaac's annoyance at his sister soon evaporated as he watched his brother be …"mentored" the cougar. It seemed everyone has their weakness and Madam Librarian's weakness was "big hands". The teen bit his lip hard trying to maintain his composure. Then he heard it. He managed to be allowed to hold onto his earbuds, feigning a disability and explaining how they helped him to hear. While the former wasn't true, the latter most certainly was. The sound of six bright, unique beeps being entered on an access panel chirped happily in his earpiece. The panel in question was connected to a door at the far end of the room that led to Master Ian Vanderhull's study. Isaac noticed a rather sizeable guard pulling a key card from a slot in the access panel where the code has been entered and the lock on the door disengaged with a click. The guard stepped through and the door closed behind him, giving another click as the lock re-engaged. As he set the next place setting, he briefly tapped out "G-E-T C-R-D" with the butt end of the flatware as he placed them. He repeated it with the next place setting and glanced to his siblings to see if his message had been received by either of them.

Mathias thrummed his fingers on the on the table as Ms. Gerswitch fixed Mathias' collar that definitely did not need fixing! "O-N-I-T"

This was an old song and dance. Mathias made his escape from the woman's claws, work still needed doing and there were so many because she could use them to keep him in one place. Mathias lifted some extra chairs to move them to the next room. He struggled with the door and the security guard nearby moved to help. Mathias nearly lost his grip on the stack of chairs and the guard put a hand out to help steady the stack. "Thanks, it's getting kind of crazy ain't it!" He said with a bashful smile.

"Tell me about it!" The guard agreed as Mathis shimmied through the door.

Cyd made eye contact with Isaac and dipped her head slightly in recognition. Just before seven, she made a visit to the washroom, which was easily double the size of the cabin they shared back on most ships, and without a shower or tub would be considered a half bath, despite its size. In the full-length mirror, she swabbed another coat of lipstick and spilled her hair free from its ponytail. If Gerswhitz had a comment, she’d say the elastic broke - nothing was built to last anymore. As a final touch, she dabbed an extra bit of Bluebell… or at least, a Bluebell knock-off on her fingertips before running them through her loose hair. Her belongings were returned to her small hip bag, and leaving the room, she scanned for her mark.

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