OOC - Who is Where and When?

OOC: We have posts occurring in three different times and I'll try to reflect that in the titles of the posts.

Afternoon of the 1st day on Santo: Jacy & Dimitri doing errands? Captain & Lyen meeting in the shithole bar. Gill & Haddie are released from their quarters presumably to meet with Old Joe? Dorian drums up business and presumably performs some dental work on board the Lunar Veil for customers of this port town. Thomas Devron is hard at work fixing those engines, but he needs parts. Riley & Henry Freeman are picking up those parts. Day 1 Afternoon

Evening of 1st day on Santo: Dorian eats dinner with the Chavez family and we learn that he has a past as an intelligence agent for the Browncoats? Vas & Dillon wrap up a troubled sleep (not together, in separate quarters) with illuminating dreams. Presumably Vas, Dillon & Jacy (now returned from her earlier errands with Dimitri) will conduct this side quest of Vas’ (That’s your cue Winters.) Day 1 Evening

Morning of Final day on Santo: Dorian is getting prettified in the shower. Nudity and shaving happens while camera lingers over long and pans down too far… Day 2 (We depart at end of this our Final day on Santo)

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