Day 1 - later afternoon

"No Lieutenant, this is all I have unless what I've given you for passage and been able to negotiate for goods offers some change? I suppose I could use a few things... I've seen some folks carry around small screens... tablets I think they call them. I was thinking one of those that could connect to things like people say theirs was, might help me in getting up to speed in how the world works."

"As far as the 'padre' thing... I'm no Shepherd, officially anyway, not even trained to offer anything formally but I do care for others as I saw my good hearted brethren do. I read the Bible in secret once I learned to read - a few times through - but also read writing by Buddhists and a few of the tech manuals Hans had in the shop to be a better help around the place with him. I'll leave it to you to decide what you think is best for the crew to know."

"I'm most keen on making a good impression, should the chance come up I can be of some long term service to everyone. You're my first 'friend' of sorts in this world outside of Hans and Brother Grimm at the Abbey - the one who taught me to read - but he died 12 years ago," Henry said. "Oh, and the name is Henry Freeman."

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