Day 1 Evening - Stuff and Things?

OOC: Due to some technical difficulties my post seems to have been accidentally … murdered. So I am going to try to rewrite it!

Vas rubbed the sleep from his eyes and went to splash his face with some cold water in an attempt to help banish and forget his unsettling dream.

Eager to forget, he rummaging in his rucksack which was pretty empty, to begin with for any remaining credit he had to his name. There wasn’t a lot (more than he expected), so he just counted his blessing they were there at all and not confiscated by the Captain or stolen by Shanky the Klepto. He pocketed what he had before it decided to walk away too.

After setting his clean but only a little bloody shirt to dry Vas made his way to the galley. Now the sun had set it would be the best time to wander about. Go out see, see his old stomping grounds … maybe … find his mom grave, if she had grave … Sweet Buddha that was a depressing line of thought. He was going to need flowers or something.

Vas entered the galley seeing the new deckhand performing some kind of kitchen wizardry. “Hey … I didn’t catch your name.” Vas admitted “If anyone asked I’m heading out for a spell. I shouldn’t be gone too long.” Vas said to … that guy.

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