Day 1 Evening - Are You Looking at my Stuff and Things

The afternoon spent with Dimitri hadn’t been a bust and he wasn’t bad company once he stopped offering to show her how to build a bomb out of everything they came across. They had talked some, spent some time in respectful silence and haggled over the prices of a few things. All in all, errands with Dimitri was probably not the right word she’d use for what they’d done. Errands sounded routine, but Dimitri’s trip through the port town was hardly conventional. Still, as they hadn’t technically broken any rules they didn’t feel inclined to admit any of their fun to the Captain. When he’d pulled Jacy aside upon her and Dimitri’s return all she offered was a quick peck on the cheek and a pat on the hand. “Your boy did good, Daddy. Nothing to report.” That had been the extent of things as far as she was concerned.

She cleaned up a bit, changed clothes again and struck a pose in the galley where Dillon & Vas were talking together quietly. “What are we talking about?” she asked the two fellas. She was older than them, but they were probably the closest in age to her, though that didn’t really mean much. Now that the sun was set and things had cooled off a bit, she was looking forward to finding some entertainment off ship while they still had the chance. Santo wasn’t the type of place you wandered the streets in your best cocktail dress and heels, but she was more than presentably pleasant in a black dress and nifty boots. “Are you leaving the ship? If so I could use two fine chaperones such as yourselves.” Because Jacy was the image of careful application of responsibility. And Vas was trying very hard not to look at her cleavage. Keep trying Vas, they’ll snag your eye sooner or later.

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