Day 1 Evening - Finally supplies

Thomas had just finished cleaning off the work bench. All his tools were in their proper place, the vice was oiled and...

"Devron! Merry Goram Christmas! Got everything on your list," she called, "Including your Heat Exchangers."

Thomas jumped up and ran into the cargo bay. looking at the Mule, he say everything he needed and wanted. Now he can do some proper work.

"Very nicely done. Now I can get to work on the number 2 engine. With all the luck possible, I should have it up and running within 36 hours. I will let you know if there are any delays."

Immediately, he took all the small parts and components into the engine room and put them away in their proper place. He knew he would be using them but, they still needed to be put away until he did. The 2 exchangers he brought into the engine room and started to attach the first one to the engine. This would be the longest and hardest part of the rebuild so he wanted to get them done first. Hopefully, he would have the first one done before he retired for the evening to get some sleep. Things were starting to look up for this old tub.

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