Day 2: 2 Hours to Take Off

Riley wasn't sure if Santo was cloudy or just polluted, either way the sun was blocked and the air felt thick, heavy. Inwardly it made her glad they'd be lifting off because the humidity clung to her nodded in acknowledgement as Henry made his way back to the ship. She hadn't seen him slip out that morning, but she'd decided ages ago passenger comings and goings were their own business.

"Morning." She said, curtly. "Take off is in about two hours, if you have any other on-world business to attend to, I'd make it quick. We have a few drops to make on Ezra, you can decide then and there if you want to continue faring with us. Don't see as why anyone would pick Ezra to settle on..." she lowered her voice "but at least you'll be far from your abbey. I don't believe you'd be found, not many people choose Ezra as a move-to spot. If you thin there's anything else you need, you can speak to one of the crew on board. Dimitri!" She called into the ship. "Make sure the crates are secured! And that none of them have people in them!" To Henry she added: "It happens more times than I care to admit. Two hours people! Where the hell are my deck hands?"

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