OOC - Guidelines

Every fine vessel needs a good crew and a worn out ship like The Lunar Veil needs a top-notch crew. Unfortunately, the expenses required to hire a top-notch crew exceed Captain Keller's financial reach and that's where you lot come in. If you can't keep her in the air we gotta keep her on the ground and that ain't gettin' anybody paid.

* * *

Guidelines: (Hey look, we didn’t call them rules.)

1.) All characters will be 100% human. No psychics that were held captive in government facilities. No overpowered characters. We promise it's more than possible to play an average human being and still have exceptional fun.

2.) No relatives of canon characters from the TV show. No one from Mal’s old unit. No big damn heroes. BUT if you want your character to know one of this game's other characters that would be swell. We can plot backstory off-board.

3.) Suggestions for crew include: Mechanic/Engineer, Medic/Doctor, Pilot, Navigator, etc. Or maybe you don't have a specialty and just do a little of everything. If you have a position you want to see filled let us know and we'll try to stuff you in it.

4.) You can be as creative as you want with your character creation, but Captain Keller is a businessman. If he’s paying you to be on his ship there best be a reason. If you’re paying him for passage don't expect to be treated like the crew. Unless our asses are on the line (they always are) in which case we may call on you to help in some way. You still aren't getting a percentage of the cut. Stowaways and deadbeats will be abandoned on the next available safe planet unless the Captain doesn’t like you in which case ‘safe’ is an optional qualifier.

5.) Passengers can be from any planet.Please make sure your Passenger's character sheet references your intended destination. If this was an Uber, where are we takin' you?

6.) You can play an Alliance or Browncoat spy, but be prepared for consequences if the crew figures it out. If you want to play an Alliance or Browncoat spy, you need not announce it on the character sheet. Just email a moderator to discuss it.

7.) If you leave a non-optional field blank on your character sheet it will not be approved. If the tidbits in a field on your character sheet are insufficiently descriptive it will not be approved. Use your words, don't direct our attention to a picture you've selected to represent your character. Mysterious backstories are not allowed without Moderator approval as well as ambiguous and undefined fields. They will not get your character sheet approved.

8.) There's a field in your character sheet labeled “Hooks" which is intended to give you the opportunity to suggest topics or themes about your character that others can easily latch onto and use for interaction. Think of it as a hint or foot in the door to guide and encourage role-playing specific to your character. If you have a larger idea for centering an entire story arc around your character and it’s something everyone can participate in = AWESOME! Discuss it with a moderator first so we can incorporate it properly.

9.) It’s okay if you create random NPC’s (just ask the Mod first) when we land on a planet and such; they don’t need a full character sheet unless they’re sticking around, but please limit your playable characters to one, at least at the beginning as we get started telling our stories. If and when this restriction is lifted, you’ll know.

10.) We all come up with stories and ideas we want to play out but please make sure to clear it with the Mod first! We are Mod's, not players and we don't particularly like being plot ambushed.

11.) In order to keep things fun for everyone and to keep things somewhat orderly and timely if you plan on a plotline or a JP (via google doc) we ask you please let the Mods know. We keep track of that stuff on a spreadsheet so it doesn't get lost or forgotten! We might even have additional twists to add!

12.) Be good to each other and have fun. Play your own character and let others play theirs. If someone uses your character briefly in a way you don't approve of odds are they didn’t mean to be an a-hole. Remain calm and email them for corrections or ask a Mod to intervene.

* * *

Did you notice each of the guidelines refer to your character? That's because characters make the story move and the game fun. Can you tell we're big fans of descriptive in-character development?

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