Boxing day

Dimitri shrugged as he was grounded.

Still promotion, but means lack of resources.

He went to his bunk to poke about for resources. He'd be in cargo long time. He decided to try hand at magnetizing some washers and make detachable trip wire... And maybe pulling bullets, who know.

He bundled these things and klashnikov in blanket and may way to cargo to wait...

"No brother in law's, blyat. What pizdets does look I? I know security"
He dumped unstable prototype onto ground and slid on mask from bundle and fished pliers out of mess. He crossed his heart as he stepped out into the sand and fired shot.

His ears rang as he stumbled back onto the ramp of cargo Bay. Fucking hot.

"Now we have fun"
He sat down and placed pliers in chest pocket, wiping brow.
He popped gate on revolver, pushed ram rod, ejecting shell with a tinkle. He spun barrel and push out other bullet.
"Oppa, careful dimi" he whispered as he took needle nose pliers to tip of bullet. He gripped bullet in other pliers.

Carefully he ripped out bullet head, and set down casing next to him... Powder is for later.
He took empty shell and bullet, push two together, clamp with pliers.

It look perfect.
He empty gun and load dummy round, pull heavy double action trigger...
Hammer is back
Cylinder touches barrel
Cylinder rotates....
Hammer strike dead bullet.

Dimitri laughed hysterically as he wipe brow. He have interrogation in 2 clicks. He marked bullet with spare marker on side. Just extra precaution. Primer was detonated, but still need tell. He slipped bullet into his breast pocket, before turning to his batteries and series of screws, nuts, washers, and bolts.

"Time to secure perimeter"

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