Lackeys and Lieutenants

Henry was glad he'd won. Lóng had proved more of an adversary than he'd planned and that rib would need mending. But he had more pressing matters at hand. Staring straight at the bar he saw Rex Nolan... one of Stefan Serrano's lackeys and Lieutenant.

He considered his options but before he could act, the crowd was on him. In typical fashion he'd be carried to the bar for a ceremonious shot of Lao's special brew. It was very good stuff, only used on special occasions like this, and he'd get a three-finger glass - everyone else a free shot, but only after he drank his.

Oh well... Time to pay the piper...

Up on their shoulders he went, the crowd chanting along as he went and he was ceremoniously placed on a special stool brought out for him - shiny brass and a jaded stone seat.

He heard Riley speak as he came up the flight of stairs from the ring...

"I can make decisions in his stead." She offered, regretting taking another pull from the bottle as much as she did choosing this bar. At least if she'd picked the Gold Strike, there'd be a hired gun presumably on the same side. She turned around and leaned her elbows on the bar. "What is it Stefan needs done?"

Rex's eyes grew big as soon as Henry was sat down on the stool behind Riley. Ignoring her question, he smiled broadly, "Mason! Mason Atkins why I live and breathe!" And he walked passed Riley, causing her to turn toward Henry as he did.

Henry realized now was the time to switch gears...

"Rex, pleasure to see you as always. And how is Annabelle, that blonde beauty of yours? I see we have a mutual friend... join us for a drink...Lieutenant?"

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