great another one

Thomas didn't really think. If it wasn't his engines, no thinking needed.

"Well miss lets start things off right. First, I'm no soldier boy just an Engineer who just happens to only care about this twit because she is part of the crew I joined.
If she dies it is no major loss as she can't do her job anyways. Second, I'm sober so, my chances of hitting anything I'm not aiming at is very slim and I like to gamble. Third, if you want to live then come up slowly with your hands empty. I have absolutely no intentions of harming you in anyway, just protecting myself and the Twit. As for safe passage, that is up to the Captain and I am not in position to offer a deal."

Why are women so difficult?

Best way for you to look at it. We are not Pirates, Reavers or Alliance so your best chance for survival is to cooperate and trust me, I can fully believe she tripped into you.

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