Time Versus Tired

And suddenly, Jacy was on the scene, nudging her way up to the table and attempting to engage him in some sort of offhanded peer review. “About that revolving door,” he thought to himself, before turning toward her. “Yes. Ah know yah want tah help. What Ah need tha most is a chair…one from tha lounge out there, with arm rests…that’ll keep me upright.”

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The request delivered, Dorian turned once more to Vas. “Yah heard tha lady…let’s prep tha IV. In tha fridge yah’ll find two stacks of fluid bags. Grab one from tha left…Lactated Ringer’s.”

His palm hovered over Haddie’s mouth. The little girl’s chest still rose and fell, rewarding him with rhythmic puffs of warm, moist breath. “We’re gonna let that warm up a bit,” Dorian nodded as Vas set the fluid bag onto the counter. “Now, see mah things ovah there? There’s a key on mah pocket watch chain. That opens tha pharmacy cabinet,” he said. “We’re lookin’ fah three medications. Zofran….little bottle on tha bottom shelf, right. Now, second shelf,” Adler said as he turned. A sudden dizzy rush nearly toppled him. He gripped the counter to steady himself. “Doxapram,” he said after a moment. “Good. Now, Miss Jacy’s Chlopatemine. Top shelf, all tha way right.”

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As the punk pored over the sea of drug titles, Dorian set a basic mortar and pestle on the counter. “Once Mistah Gill returns, we can get started,” he said. A deepening weariness was attempting to take root in him. The adrenaline jolt was wearing off. He had hours to go…and his traitorous body now made clear that it wouldn’t make it there alone. ”Tetrahalcynate,” Dorian thought to himself. ”Riley will surely laugh at that.”

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