"You poisoned Haddie!" Riley's heart proverbially caught in her throat for a moment at the thought of the dead little girl. "She took the whole thing, both halves and now she is sick and the Doc wants to know what they are and how strong they are..."

"I told you half," Riley replied, partly irritated at the boy's incompetence, partly relieved that it wasn't fatal, but that was neither here nor there. Whatever screw up led to the kid taking a full tablet, it was done. The more worrisome thing was where the tabs came from. There'd never been a tainted batch of Mach -- that she knew of -- but this was from the 'friend' of that shady passenger. Shit.

"It's not like you walk up with a script, kid. It's tetrahalcynate." She thought for a second, she only had six left, and they were headed to the core, where it was harder to come by. Shit. She took the aspirin vial from her pocket and took out one of the pills out, holding it between her fingers. Of course Dorian was helping, which was the opposite of what he was supposed to be doing - keeping himself one bone fragment away from a permanent eye patch. "Have someone weigh it out - there's a scale in the med bay." As he reached for it, she pulled it back, out of reach to keep his attention. "Try to keep a hold of it this time."

"Devron! 8 minutes! Make it happen! Keller! You're needed on the bridge, Sir!" The ship's proving too dangerous for a kid. Maybe Valentine's a better option.

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