It's for the Children

“Gill I know you’ll probably want to stay with your sister, Lyen I would consider it a kindness if you could watch over ‘em all? Hollar if you need me for anything … ships a wreak so …” Vas sighed figuring the rest was implied.

“It would help…a lot,” Dorian turned his own single eye upon Vas, Lyen, and Jacy, “if an adult watched ovah her in her room tonight. Ah would, but Ah’m about tah be indisposed fah a few hours.”

Lyen took a step forward. "I'll stay with her," she said, as she placed a comforting hand on Haddie. "You won't be alone tonight, that way your brother can rest too." Having not spent much time around Haddie, she had only noticed that the girl wasn't as talkative as her brother, but with resting a priority, conversation wouldn't be expected. Tending to the sick was a regular part of her routine when she was in the monastery. She had sat many hours bedside, deep in prayer or feeding and cleaning those who couldn't fend for themselves.

She would stay with the girl until the doctor's prescribed hour was up, then she'd carefully escort her to her room.

While they had waited for her to wake up, the minutes had felt like hours. To Ly, it didn't feel like she would ever get used to the impending peril the Lunar Veil seemed to find, but she could feel the excitement of uncertainty on the back of her neck. The black seemed to hold its own mystery, and the LV fit in like a piece of the puzzle.

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