All This, and Kvass, Too...

He was as ready as he’d ever be.

The tray, with its’ array of tools and supplies, was prepared for each step. All Dorian needed now would be two pairs of hands to guide through the procedure. He could relax a bit.

The nun, Lyen, was proving a boon to his well being. She’d taken over watch of young Haddie, a major responsibility in itself. He watched her moving about the infirmary. Lyen was a creature of grace. Every motion seemed to be one in harmony with both her surroundings and the overarching mood. Though she was beautiful to the eye, the dentist became aware that what of Lyen was seen was only one part of the overall whole. She exuded an aura of calm and well being that enticed, and welcomed those in her company to share its’ goodness. “Truly spiritual,” he mused, ”without the righteous hard sell of religion.” In those moments, he realized that he was taking a liking to her. “Sistah,” he said. “Ah…”

Gill returned from his time with the mechanic, lugging a box of metal parts that rattled as he carried them.

Gill: "Devron gave me these for Haddie. How is she doing?"

“Quite well,” the medic replied from his chair. “Sistah Lyen’s been taking very good care of her. Ah conjure we’ll be movin’ her tah her own bed in just a few minutes”. The happy prognosis delivered, he returned his gaze toward Lyen. “Sistah…..Ah…”

Suddenly, the doorway was filled with the giant figure of Dimitri. The big Russian was excited, gesturing with a hand filled with glasses toward a jar of liquid in the other as he burst into the infirmary.

Dimitri: "DORIAN! I have something important to sh…”

He froze in mid sentence as he took in the sights of Haddie on the table and an obviously less than well Dorian slumped into a chair. For a moment, it looked as if Dimitri was indecisive. As he appeared to be turning to leave, Dorian called out.

“Is that what Ah think it is, Mistah Dimitri?” he asked. “Yah not gettin’ away without raisin’ a glass with me.”

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