Home Again, Home Again

The Captain tossed one of the suits to Aello, who thankfully could dress herself, and his mind instantly wandered to undressing being a different story, but he quickly snapped back to reality. Instead, He shoved the legs of the boy into the suit, followed by his arms while the boy drifted in and out of consciousness talking about noodles and pork. He looked to Devron, the only crew member thus far that was of any use.

"When we get back to the ship..." He said, zipping up the boy's suit. "I'm gonna owe you a drink for this." He secured an oxygen mask and tank, then pulled the hood of the suit over the boy's head. So far so good.

Using large zip ties, he secured the boy's hands and feet in case he came to, binding his wrists in front of him. . He did the same to Aello, explaining it weren't nothing personal, but if she wanted aboard his ship, it was his rules. La-Loyd was secured also because at the time she was acting all moon-brained, trying to pet his helmet while commenting on its size. The zip ties were secured to the tether between the Clover and the L-V, and Keller slapped Devron on the shoulder, indicating he should be first out to the ship. Keller would make sure the bitter end of the line was secure, so their cargo, as well as the kid who tried to shoot him, the woman who went and drugged one of his crew, and the one member of his crew he considered as useful as tits on a bull. He smiled to himself as he pictured them floating away into space as he waved bye-bye... but he also knew murder wasn't his style.

Devron led with his booster, and when he reached the ship, took the job of the deckhand, winding the tether around the reel to bring the line in.

"I'm faaaaallllllling, No! I'm leaping!" La-Loyd screamed out. "Grand jeté! Saut de chat! Grand Pas de Chat!" She was making less sense than usual.

"Pipe down, moon brain." Keller said into his com, wishing he could've turned it off. "Thorne, we're coming in, and we've got visitors. " There was no reply from the other end of the ship. "Thorne?" Keller swore in Chinese under his breath. "Of all the times to go and take a powder... this whole ship is going to get a stern talking to."

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