Unhappy Valentine

Morgan sat at a dark dirty bar on Valentine, he had been here for almost 6 months and the work was drying up, you can only catch so many bounties in one place before they all take off or go too deep into hiding for even the best to find them. He also wasn't making any friends, every time he sat for too long someone would recognize him for the guy who got his brother or cousin locked up. Most of the time they'd have the liquid courage and a couple friends telling them the odds where skewed in their own favor. So far they'd all been wrong, but luck can only get you so far and Valentine had given all she had.
"Time to get off this rock, you know off any action that could get me out of here with the same number of holes I started with?" he asked the guy behind the bar. "Your money spends as good as anyone else here Wren, but i'm not sticking my neck out for you to up and leave me with your grudges. You can look for work or transport on your own." says the bartender.
Morgan dropped some credits on the bar and started to leave when the door opened to five guys holding weapons. "He's still here! Wren you shiong-tsan sha-sho, you killed my brother!" Says the leader of the group. Morgan turns to look at them, "Well now, I'm sure any kill'in done on my part was in retaliation for someone trying to do the same to me. You cant fault a guy for trying to make a living."
The group descends on Morgan but he manages to flip a table slowing them down as he makes his way out the back. "Gorram, I thought I'd have at least one more day." He makes his way out into a back alley and starts climbing the fire escape to the roof where his gear is stored. He grabs a sea bag and black case as he jumps across to the next roof. A hale of bullets wiz up from the alley causing him to go off balance and roll to a stop on the roof. "I got to get to the docks and find a ride out of here."

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