The Number Two List

"I was looking for you." He blurted out, "I wanted to say that I know you were just trying to help, and that Haddie will be fine. I wanted to say thank you for letting us stay on board and well... I am sorry for the trouble. I know I can be useful if you give me a chance, I used to help my Pa with all sorts of things on our... on his ship. It was a family crew and we all pitched in and..." He knew he was rambling and decided that less was more. "That's it... I am sorry and thank you and.. that's it."

Riley folded her arms and quirked an eyebrow as the fourteen year old got what was on his chest, off his chest, letting him finish before responding.

"Captain's decision to let you stay." She told him. "You aren't anymore or less trouble than the rest of the crew, but you need to keep a better eye out for your sister. I'm starting to doubt your ability in that. In the future? I suggest you make sure I doubt it less. As far as a job- I started out with too many deckhands, looks like now I'm down to one. It'll be a pain in the ass to find a new one on Valentine, so if you think you can do that job without ruttin' it up, you can have it, on a probationary trial basis. You report to Jat, he has seniority. The minute he gives me one bad report about you, you go back to cleaning rooms. Are we clear?" The kid had guts, and she respected him coming to talk to her rather than hiding himself clear like she assumed he'd been doing, but he was still barking up the wrong tree if he was looking to be molly-coddled.

"There's a bunch of coveralls by engineering. Go get yourself a few pairs, tide you over til we reach Valentine. I'm not going to have my crew looking like a bunch of Higgin's Moon Mudders. I want you, Jat and the half pint to get yourselves something to look presentable before you end up scaring away passengers. I'll count it out of your shares." She let a few seconds pause. "Well? You're on the clock. You going to stand around all Gorram day?"

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