How did we survive

Thomas helped gather everyone at the breach of the ship where their line was attached. After getting everyone there, Thomas ran back to engineering, and opened up the main control panel. He disabled the distress becon, and shut down most power to conserve fuel. After he was satisfied, he went back.

Captain, I disabled the distress beacon and powered down almost all systems to conserve fuel and power. If we want to come back for salvage hopefully no one will know where to find her. If you want to take it with us, she is ready to be towed but, I'm not 100% sure on towing connections and I'm sure our deck twit has no clue so... Thomas left it hanging for the Captain to make the decision.

After connecting a tether line to everyone, Thomas made his way across to the L-V. Knowing there were no transmission response to the Captains calls, Thomas entered with his gun drawn. Seeing no one in the Cargo area, Thomas connected the line to the reel and activated it on slow. He looked out and saw that everyone was coming across safely and as soon as everyone was on board, he closed the outer door and pressurized the compartment.

As soon as pressure and oxygen levels were up, he quickly removed his suit.
Cap, not sure where our pilot is but, I'm going to check just to be sure no one came across while we were inside.
Grabbing his weapon, he went out to search the ship.

After clearing Engineering, Thomas made is way forward when he heard voices. Coming up to the Galley, Thomas stepped in with his gun drawn and saw 2 kids he doesn't remember seeing sitting in chairs with hands tied eating sandwiches.

Oh, great. Bad enough we have two survivors were bringing over but, now 2 stowaways. Cap is going to be in an even worse mood. Nothing of value found on the ship and our deckhand is high on drugs.

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