Jacy's trip went from pleasant to bad to worse before they'd achieved a positive seal on the Lunar Veil’s airlock. The situation which had started with a spaced out, laughable Jacy aboard the Clover had deteriorated into a full on mother of god double dome acid trip. Unsummoned memories of a worn out youth filled with excruciating days of leaps and ballet triggered adverse feelings during the best of times and these were far from it. The physical and existential emptiness of space was more than she could fathom or ignore and her mind went to dark places while she was reeled in via the tether.

From there she was a basket case, alternating between periods of silence when she'd shrink into herself and periods of flailing arms and legs struggling against the restraints to ward off the imagined attacks of hallucinatory assailants who were not deterred by her screams for mercy. The bulky EMU she wore further hindered her movements, but added to her ominous fantasies. Had she not been restrained at all her gesticulations could have injured others or herself, but she was slowly doing a job of that regardless. She was past the point of coherent thought, but had she been capable of it she'd have asked for a sedative. As it was she screeched and sobbed for permanent solutions of a grim and severe finality.

At some point her restraints had to be removed so she could be helped out of her suit, which is to say she pushed and peeled at it like it was a diseased layer of skin she could not tolerate. It was amazing how much noise one tiny woman could make onboard an airtight ship and she seemed to muster up reserves of strength that would have served her well as a deckhand, had she ever tried to apply herself properly. It did not register in her awareness who exactly it was that was helping her just then; she didn’t even perceive it as help. It could have been the Captain or their dubious medic, hell it could have been the golden dragon she kept seeing. Whoever it was had a good hold of Jacy’s hands and was doing a nice job avoiding her kicks, but she began lashing out with her only available extremity, her head. She soon made contact with something unforgiving and in her thrashing about she managed a second whip of her neck. Her mouth slammed against the metal rail of a bed with a disturbing crunch and splat, spraying blood and teeth across the floor. She was trying for another face smack when her captor caught her forehead and forcibly held her down. It was hard to tell through the blood, but Jacy was missing bits of teeth, entire teeth and who knew what else. She let out a lunatic’s howl of triumph that faded into silence as a fast acting sedative was finally injected into her arm.

OOC: Alright crew, there’s plenty of turmoil onboard the Lunar Veil. Get used to it because that’s the way we live our lives, one quarter mile at a time. No wait, that doesn't sound right at all. Well good luck sorting all that out. If you need Jacy she’ll be riding out the worst of her trip in a drug induced slumber. Why are there so many drugs in the Verse?!

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