A simple queston

It felt like a fresh start. For the first time in a long time Gill felt a small amount of hope for the future. He was throwing himself into his work and enjoying it. Vas was taking him under wing, the Doc was looking out for he and his sister. The nun was being very kind and well even Riley was...Well... She still scared the shit out of him.

Master Gill, I was hoping to speak with your young sister and inquire as to her health."

Gill jumped out of his skin at the sudden interuption to his thoughts. Jacy stood over him chattering away and asking after Haddies health. He mumbled something incoherent indicating that she was on the mend. He was somewhat mesmerized by the woman.

“That’s very good news indeed..." She said brightly as she continued to make small talk. He followed her, lost in he sound of her voice, she was so confident and... She turned and winked at him. What had she said? He blushed and tried frantically to think of something to say, but before he got there she looked up in surprise.

“Oh well look at that, the shuttle. Since we’re here, would you mind giving me a hand moving my trunks?"

"Erm yes sure." He said wondering how they had gotten here. He followed her in and now she was asking about the mechanic. He couldn't keep up. He wondered how Vas managed it and it dawned on him that maybe he didn't he would have to ask.

"Is he a nice man, do you think Gill?"

"Who? What er yes." He managed but she had already moved on. He stood there nodding and shaking his head and wondering what Devron would say if he decided to "defend the honour" of Jacy. He would probably throw something at him and kick him out of engineering.

"Lift with your legs, Gil, yes that’s good.” he blinked and folowed her orders as she talked on. Upon mentioning that he and Haddie had been in here he blushed anew. No he would definatley not be asking Vas about what he had seen in there, he knew enough to know he did not want to know anything more.

He soon found himself dragging what felt like a tonne of luggage accross the length of the ship. Partially mesmerised by the sway of Jacys hips and mostly confused by the constant flow of chatter.

All the time a question was buzzing in his mind, building up and bothering him. It was none of his business but still.. He wanted to know. Dropping down the cases he gave her a level stare and asked,

"Jacy do you love Vas?"

Suddenly the chatter stopped, and Jacy was silent.

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