My Sugarbear!

"Jacy, do you love Vas?"

Suddenly the chatter stopped and Jacy was silent.

The tall blonde bit her lip and stared at Gill. She did love Vas, but they hadn’t really spent any time together, not alone, not properly; and she’d only known him for -- what was it; a week? But Jacy had always been quick to fall in and out of love. And those romantic crescendos usually fit into the brackets of time she took off from work. Her work didn’t lend itself well to romantic relationships outside of clients. But here she was, technically on time away from work and with deep feelings for a man she barely knew. She’d already said as much to the Captain. Why was it harder then to admit the same to this young adult? Probably because she knew the Captain could care less while Gill stood there meeting her stare, waiting for the truth.

“That’s not exactly the question I was expecting, but yes, I do love Vas Jat. I have met many men in my travels. Some were horrid, but tried to hide it. Some were impeccably righteous and tried to flaunt it. Some were innocent and others guilty, but Vas is a bit of them all, like a hot, sexy molten ball comprised of them all and I want to be there for him as he cools and decides which of those men he wants to be for me. And I’ve decided I will love whichever man he becomes because he deserves to have someone at his side who isn’t using him for their own purpose. Every person deserves this and I want to be that woman for Sugarbear. But it will be difficult I think. Harder for him than it will for me.”

Jacy grabbed the handle of her smallest trunk and tugged on it then considered Gill again. “Do you think Vas is a jealous sort?”

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