Nice trunk you got there

"Captain, are you there?" Lyen was attempting to use a com to hail the captain. When he picked up she would relay what they needed, per Riley's orders: bandages, sutures, surgical gloves/smocks/caps, sanitizing agents, and medical adhesive were a good start. The doc's work on little Haddie and his own surgery put a strain on the supplies in the med bay. While she was at it, Lyen cleaned up the bay, tossing the medical waste and bloody garments. Just a few days ago she was slicing into a man's face, repositioning his eyeball to keep it from being punctured by bone. She still couldn't believe her hands had done the work.

She could hear Gill and Jacy speaking from down the hall. It seemed they were deep in conversation while shuffling a trunk out of her shuttle. Honestly, she still wasn't sure why Jacy needed a shuttle for the work she was doing, but if the captain and Riley said it was important, then it must be. "Here to lend an extra pair of hands, if you need me." She stood between the two, looking down at the small trunk, then offeri Gill a smile.

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