Staying #1 on the #2 list

“Oh— And last thing, you know what a chest burster punch is? No? It’s what happens when you tell me how to run this ship, turn your back on me and I punch my fist through your Gorram spine and ribcage. Anything else?”

"Yes, now that you mention it. I never insinuated the Capt. would be that kind of a prick but, you go ahead and tell him that. I was trying to help but, no worries. Second, you want to threaten me with violence of any kind, don't. You either attack me immediately or don't open your mouth. I don't care if your Number one or two on this ship, or any ship. You make threats of violence, you will get nothing in return from me. I have done nothing to endanger this ship, I have even fought to protect people on this ship and worked my ass off fixing this ship. And before you try and throw my being wanted by the Alliance as endangering this ship, I did nothing to provoke that in any way other than do my job. So, we good or you going for the punch?"

Thomas stands waiting for the reply. As they are the only two to be witness to this conversation, this can only go one of three ways. Either he is dismissed to return to his duties, Dismissed to go find another job, or they throw down. Only the last one will cause them both great pain.

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