Last Warning, #1 with a bullet

Riley couldn’t help but give a short laugh before regaining her bearing, stifling a smile behind the clipboard. Every crew had one blow hard, some crews two even. The alliance generally stomped it out pretty quick, but the mechanic never had the benefit of a military background. He’d have lasted all of ten minutes in the academy.

“That was a downright adorable tantrum.” she said flatly. “But let me break this down one more time, because the concept seems to have gone beyond the scope of what you’re capable of understanding, and I don’t want to repeat it a third time.” She deliberately slowed down her speech pattern, punctuating each word, in case he had some undiagnosed comprehension issue.

“You don’t give me orders. If your ego can’t handle a bruise, this isn’t the ship for you. I don’t mollycoddle the one-eyed mute little girl, I sure as shit won’t coddle you.” The military in her coming out in full force.

“You work your ass off fixing the ship because that’s your job. What are you looking for a gold star? A ‘thank you’ for doing what you're paid to do. You fought for my crew, and my crew risked their gorram necks to save yours, regardless of if you were at fault or not. You’re no more, no less special than any of them.” Riley said in a clipped tone looking down at the mechanic.

“What really chaps me is that the Captain said he didn’t want the ship armed, and you think I’d go against what he decided?” The pilot reminded, her eyes narrowing slightly. “That’s called mutiny.”

“So it seems you have a choice ... decide if you’re too ruttin’ delicate to be part of my crew and walk, or get yourself back to work, but either way, don’t try to play me against the Captain of this ship, ever.” She held up a hand to stop him from answering.

“In case I’ve made it less than crystal clear, the only two acceptable words at this point are yes, lieutenant.” Reily leaned forward a bit and spoke slowly so whatever the mechanic had been huffing that had killed his ability to pay attention might stand a chance of sinking in the porridge that was his brainpan. “Anything else I’ll take as your resignation.

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