Time off for good behaviour

Gill had been working hard. There was always more to do of course but he was due a rest and Haddie was getting restless.

The Cortex tablet had been a distraction but after an hour or so it had started acting up so he had dropped it to one side for tinkering at a later date.

He had been considering what Riley had said way back when they had escaped from old Joe with that bag full of swag. He had not been inclined to take her up on the offer at the time due to his feelings of dislike for the woman, but now they had a better understanding he was of a mind to reconsider. Besides which, if Haddie was not allowed to scratch her itch planet side she would continue to pilfer from the crew to a bad end.

They were sat up in the Galley working their way through a hunk of cheese when the Captain walked through. Haddies face lit up, she liked the guy for some reason and Gill was inclined to go along with the notion.

He gave them a nod as he walked through a Gill took the opportunity to pipe up,

"Sir, I erm, some of the crew are off seeing the sights and I was wondering if we might grab an hour or two. To, get some... fresh air and take a look around?"

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