Like Father, Like Son

OOC: Forgive me, Buddha, for I’m about to sin. It’s been two weeks since my last post. As it’s now clear that Dorian’s time on planet is going to remain a solo act, I’m about to plow forward and commit numerous temporal and continuity violations.

IC: Dr. Lao offered her hand. “So, we’re agreed?”

“Yes,” Dorian nodded. He closed the pocketwatch, slipped it back into his vest, and then shook hands. “Ah believe we are.”

She smiled. “This is truly exciting. Should I send the van to Lunar Veil for you?”

“Not just yet,” he replied. “Ah should inform tha captain first.” He patted the shiny new cortex reader in his vest pocket. “Ah’ll contact yah when Ah’m ready.”

She rose from behind her desk. “You’ve been discharged?”

“Ah have.”

“Barnaby?” Dr. Lao called out. “Dr. Adler is ready.”

On cue, the orderly pushed a wheelchair into the trauma chief’s office. “Here, Doc,” young Barnaby offered. “I’ll take your bag…”

“No need,” Lao said. “I’ll roll him out.”

Dorian fixed the chair with a dubious eye. “We could just walk.”

“Hospital policy,” she said briskly. “Have a seat.”

Moments later, he found himself being pushed across the polished floors of the hospital’s main lobby…and nearly at a loss for words as to the sudden change in subject. “You knew mah father?” he asked.

“Since med school,” she admitted. “We also did our internships together. After he set up practice on Hera, there were plenty of midnight waves for a second opinion…several of them regarding his son’s condition.”

Dorian’s gaze lowered to his feet in the chair’s stirrups, and the speckled stone floor gliding beneath. “Ah’ll be damned. Tha ‘verse gets smaller every day.”

“We lost touch during the war,” she continued. “Can you tell me how he died?”

“Ah can,” he said. “Yah know his spread was in tha Serenity Valley?”


“Then yah conjure tha rest,” Dorian said. “He met his bullet. On tha back steps, smokin’ his pipe.”

The doors moved silently open as she pushed her patient into the warm air of Valentine. “He was a good man,” Dr. Lao finally observed as she set the wheelchair’s brakes. “How about his son?” she asked as he rose to his feet. “Are you a good man, Dorian?”

He smiled at that, and with a subtle tilt of his head replied, “Ah like tah think not.”

Her responding smile was a bit wistful. “His answer was exactly the same.”
Containing surprise at this revelation, Dorian chuckled, “then we’ll need tah swap a few more stories ‘bout ‘im.”

“I’ll look forward to it,” she grinned, before her eyes darted about the patient pickup zone. “Where’s your ride?”

“Ah’ll catch a cab.”

“I could give you a lift,” Lao offered. “What about your friend, Mrs. Chavez?”

“Errands,” he shrugged. “Got a few of mah own tah attend. Rather make a driver happy tah run his meter all aftahnoon than keep yah waitin’.”

She nodded her understanding. “Well, then, Dr. Adler,” Lao offered her hand again, “welcome to VCM.”

“A pleasure, colleague,” he grinned as they shook.

“Call me Carolyn.”

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