The ship is overrun!

Captain Keller had had it. It was a simple run to Persephone. Drop off a shit ton of gin, three passengers and be on their way. All he wanted at that point was a hot shower, a stiff drink, and to know why there were two very short people tied up at his galley table.

"Riley, what's the rule on children?"
"No unattended Children, Sir."
"No attended Children, Sir."
"Do they belong to the passengers?"
"No, Sir."
"Aye, Sir."
"It's just been that kinda day, ain't it. Cut 'em loose."
"Cut 'em loose. We got passengers, and I don't want us gettin' a reputation in regards to the underage. " He turned his attention to Gill and Haddie. "Here's the deal. You're on my ship and their ain't much I can do about it now shy of murder, so I tell you what. I seem to be in need of a deckhand. Mine is currently indisposed. Do you think you can handle that, son? And you... " He addressed Haddie. "Can earn your keep too. Sweeping floors, galley work, I don't suppose you can cook none, can you? Way I see it you owe me for steerage, you can work it off. Since you'll be crew, you'll stay in crew quarters, I don't want to hear no whining about it. Either of you slack off, your home will be the cargo bay and their ain't no beds or heat in cargo. Understand? Riley, go check on La-Loyd and I brought two more back. Our gorram Deck hand seems to be tripping on somethin' and I don't fully trust the 'missionary medic" we done picked up. Boy child, I just brought in some cargo, head down to the bay and see that it's secured, then find Devron, see if he can use you in the engine room. Girl child, dishes. I am gonna go have a whiskey and try to pinpoint the exact moment this whole mission went to shit."


Riley pointed at her eyes, then to the little girl in an "I'm watching you" gesture. It dawned on her that they didn't even know their names, and she was fairly certain the captain did that so there'd be no attachments. Once they hit Persephone, they were free to go scamper anywhere they wanted.

There were two new faces in the medbay where Jacy lay looking worse for wear. New people.

"I am..." Aello said, standing up. Riley held up her hand.

"Don't care. Let's go." she said, gesturing with her hand. "Out, both of you. She needs rest. I need to fly this bird, and I ain't gonna be able to concentrate on that if you're down here with the opportunity to gank Lloyd. I'll find a place for you both."''

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