Du bist meine Hündin!!

"I.. I have a job helping Vas." Gill replied and then with a quick glance around the place, "See you later." he stopped and turned, "But my little sister Haddie, she loved working down here. Perhaps you could ask Riley if she could help. She's just a kid but she knows here way around the ship and could be real helpful."

Leaving Marisol to her new duties Gill made his way down to the Cargo Bay. Haddie would not be happy with this new situation, he knew that much. He just hoped the new woman was as ready to offer up old ship parts. His sister had been building up quite a trove of the things.

Getting down to the Cargo Bay he was taken aback by the ruckus and the sight of Vas being mauled by a pack of Drog-Kryi. Gills face broke into a wide grin at the sight of the animals and he put both fingers to his lips and released a high pitched whistle. He repeated the sound three times in quick succession and their ears pricked up. They lost interest in the beleaguered Vas as the whole lot of them came padding over to Gills side of the pen tongues lolling.

"They will want feeding now." Gill called over to Vas who was looking at Gill like he had just flown down in a Reaver shuttle and started handing out rainbows.

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