Pfoten weg!

<<There, amid the over-sized pack, Vas Jat attempted order as Jacy…well, he wasn’t quite certain just what Jacy was up to. “Situation normal,” Dorian smirked to himself before raising his voice to compete with the dogs. “Miss Jacy,” he nodded amiably. “Mistah Vas. “Ah take it we’re dog herders fah this run?”>>

Jacy was brushing off the palms of her hands against the backside of her shorts; dangerously short shorts which were entirely inappropriate for space travel, but quite befitting and most becoming on the Honeymoon world of Valentine. “Not we, Doctor Adler. This is a job for the crew and I am but a conscientious Companion, offering a dollop of assistance to the man who purloined my plucky heart.” Jacy looked to Dorian and for a moment her teasing facade faltered as she took in his beaten visage and all around worn face; silk vest and tie notwithstanding. But her curtailed coquettish nature returned in the blink of an eye. “I only get dirty when corralling the minds of affluent men and this fine outstanding Crew Chief.”

<<Vas yelped as one of the dogs hip checked him causing him to nearly take the floor to the face, his arm hit the floor first, breaking the fall. He didn’t even get a chance to get up when a crowd of the dogs went to playful sniff him, by placing a pair of massive paws on his back to get the optimal angle.>>

“Sugarbear,” Jacy was laughing so hard she could barely speak. “You’re a natural. But if you insist on lying down then I insist it be with me and that we retire to my shuttle.”

<<“Gah! Get off!” Vas said struggling to shove the beasts away. “SITZEN! SITZEN!” Vas said the only command he remembered off the list. This only resulted in all the dog butts slamming quickly down to the floor. It didn’t help Vas any. “Jacy … love of my life … how well do you know German? He asked from underneath the carpet of dogs, trying to spit out a tail thwapping him in the face.>>

The blonde tried intervening on Vas’ behalf, but she was no match against the huge dogs and was buffeted around each time she got near him. She stepped back and put her hands on her hips, irritated at last. “Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut, aber der Mensch ist meins; Pfoten weg!” Jacy’s accent was terrible, having obtained most of her foreign language skills through written medium. She understood them well enough, but speaking them was a different matter. So she stomped her foot for the benefit of the dogs’ understanding.

<<Gill put both fingers to his lips and released a high pitched whistle. He repeated the sound three times in quick succession and their ears pricked up. They lost interest in the beleaguered Vas as the whole lot of them came padding over to Gills side of the pen tongues lolling. "They will want feeding now." Gill called over to Vas who was looking at Gill like he had just flown down in a Reaver shuttle and started handing out rainbows.>>

Jacy grabbed Vas’ hand to steal his attention. “Gill seems to know what he’s doing. Watch him and follow his lead. As far as I could tell they were all neutered, but do be careful; these are big dogs and we know nothing of their temperament.” She released him, spun him around, goosed him proper and sent him along. “Go forth, mighty Sugarbear and dominate the will of these foul beasts. Return to me this eve and you shall ravage my body by way of reward.” She gave him a darling wave behind his back and shook her head before setting off for the infirmary.

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