Catching up

Vas, who was helped up by Jacy, dusted himself off, but was quickly red face with her promise of ravaging. Her public promise of ravaging.

“Gill you think you can keep ‘em calm … I’ll get their food ready … Where's Haddie? Every time she’s alone something happens!” Said still red in the face the sway of Jacy’s hip as she left leaving the poor smitten punk distracted.

“Uh … put the ones you’re going to use over to the side there,” Vas motioned. “The rest we'll press ‘em to the wall over there, well strap ‘em down so they don’t move,” He said, trying to focus at the task at hand. Given he had been trapped under a pile of dogs he was still catching up to recent events. Like the strange lady who just walked in.

“Did Captain hire a new deckhand?” Vas asked Gill.

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