A new low, and countdown to take off

Leo made his way back to the ship, easily bypassing whatever ruckus was going on in the cargo bay to ascend the stairs which would lead to his cabin. He chuckled slightly to himself, the site of Vas Jat being overpowered by some large canines amusing him. Hello, what's this? He thought to himself, recognizing one of the women on the deck. From Santos? He'd assumed the woman who came calling was a patient of the doctors. Perhaps the good doctor found himself a lady friend. Slinging the bag he carried over his shoulder, he near ran into the short ragamuffin the ship was still carting around. Looking around to make sure they were alone, he narrowed his eyes and lowered his voice.

"You make sure to keep your mitts off my things, and yourself out of my cabin, girl, otherwise? I'll feed you to those dogs down in cargo myself." He warned.

"What are we waiting for again?" The captain asked.

"A coffin, Sir." Riley replied.

"For that sickly boy? Did he die?"

"What? No. I don't know. Maybe. No, not him."

"Good, I was gonna say, carting him around, that's weird, even for us."

"Aye Sir. No. Passenger. Grieving Widow. Taking her beloved to his final resting place."

The Captain removed his hat for respect, and gave a brief moment of silence. "Did we check the coffin?"

"Sir..." Riley evaded, "What kind of question is that?"

"A good one given our past history of boxes and feds and mechanics, I'd think."

"Taken care of Sir. I'll have Jat check the medical crates before take off, same reason."

"Good idea. Let me know before we take off, I'd like to..."

"Do your captain radio thing, Aye Sir. I'll let you know."

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