What's up, Doc?

Jacy stopped in the doorway to Doctor Adler’s domain and rapped lightly on the frame. "Bonjour, Monsieur," she said in her fluent anglicized French. Knowledge of the dead languages of Earth-that-Was proved useful so seldom that the guild only required minimal knowledge in the subjects. Jacerelyn, however, was a talker and though they’d been largely deemed noncompulsory, she felt it best to learn as much as she could. And men loved it when she batted her eyes and spoke in tongues.

“I mean to pry into your affairs on account of you looking so knocked around, yet devilishly dapper,” she assured him, “but before I open that topic just to have you shut it firmly in my face, might I inquire as to the availability of my fabricated molars? I feel so naked without them.”

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