Normal to Normal

The hospital’s drug consignment carton lay empty upon the deck, awaiting disposal. Dorian clinched the rubber tube’s end in his teeth as he drew the knot tight upon his left bicep. He flexed his hand a few times before balling a fist. A few taps to his forearm soon teased a vein to prominence. His goal now clear before him, the medic eased the syringe downward, slipping the needle beneath his skin.

From behind him came the sound of the infirmary door sliding open.

"Bonjour, Monsieur," Jacy’s voice greeted from behind.

“Beg pardon,” he responded as a slow, gentle push upon the plunger delivered his personal cocktail. “Ah’ll be just a minute.” A few more seconds passed as the syringe emptied it's contents. “Well,” Adler offered a smile as he withdrew the needle, “that’s just what tha doctah ordered.” A small adhesive bandage was laid to the site before he turned. “So, Miss Jacy,” the medic offered a wry smirk, “while tha sight of yah is always prone tah raise an exclamation mark, Ah believe Ah read question marks in yah eyes. What’s on yah mind?”

“I mean to pry into your affairs on account of you looking so knocked around, yet devilishly dapper,” she assured him, “but before I open that topic just to have you shut it firmly in my face, might I inquire as to the availability of my fabricated molars? I feel so naked without them.”

“You may,” he nodded as the injection leavings dropped into the medical waste bin. From a drawer came a small case, only slightly larger than a small jewelry box. Inside were several dental crowns, all laid in sequence, their polished surfaces gleaming in the natural color of Jacy’s own teeth. “Please,” he gestured, “have a closer look. Kindly don’t open tha lid; they’re sterilized,” he said as the little container changed hands. “Ah thought tah set ‘em in place once we’re in tha black. Does tomorrow mornin’ work fah yah?”

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