Comfortably Numb

Vas crunched on his protein bar cocking an eyebrow. “Dunno … they hiring?” Vas said with a boyish smile. He wasn’t picky; work was work after all. Besides even if they weren’t, Persephone would be a good place to find it. Vas wasn’t going to question the ‘falling’ onto a drug, it was a shitty situation so shenanigans were bound to happen.

Aello pondered the thought for a moment then spoke up.

Aello: Even if they were....... I think we botched the interview. Considering its my fault this girl is high and I heard you had a Mexican stand off in the cockpit. I doubt we are their best choice for crew staff. Besides.............

Aello was then interrupted by Riley as she came in. Hoping to keep things peaceful she tried and introduction.

There were two new faces in the medbay where Jacy lay looking worse for wear. New people.

"I am..." Aello said, standing up. Riley held up her hand.

"Don't care. Let's go." she said, gesturing with her hand. "Out, both of you. She needs rest. I need to fly this bird, and I ain't gonna be able to concentrate on that if you're down here with the opportunity to gank Loyd. I'll find a place for you both."

Aello nodded as she stood up hoping she would get something resembling a bed to sleep in for a change. It had been a while since she slept thru the night since she was corrupted by the Alliance. She was almost comfortably numb inside as she complied knowing talk with this woman was pointless. Stubborn people were usually fixed in their ways till a life changing event forced them to change.

Vas cleared his throat holding up his hand to show the new person he was still bound hand a foot. He really didn’t want to be hopping around the ship! Not that he could have busted out of the zip ties but there was no need to show off like that.

Aello then remembered Vas was still bound on the floor.

Aello: So do I put him in a wheelchair and roll him out or cut his ties?


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