Getting Worked Over

“Oh yes, Mistress Lucretia and her staff know just where to poke a man to make him squeal. Is there anything more beautiful than a willing partner tied to a chair while they’re worked over by an impassioned playmate? I’ve watched them at it a time or two. But you know all about Mistress Lucretia and her administrations so it’s curious that you would be so jumpy to check your face for signs of abuse. Perhaps you feared they upgraded the bundle you signed on for? They certainly did a number on your arm.” And Jacy pointed to the bicep Dorian had exposed while administering his injection.

“We like each other; do we not? If you trust me and we establish a safe word in advance, I’d enjoy the opportunity to cultivate my own technique. Who knows, I might even learn a few of your most intimate secrets in the process. An occupational hazard for us both, but it could come in handy down the road.”

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