Mum's the Word?

Dorian smiled at the questioning. "Who knows?" he chuckled amiably. "While Ah profess tah know very little of this life, Ah do think Ah understand tha ways of hornets, at least well enough tah wish takin' a look when a friend suggests that Ah might have one on mah face." The many minds of Jacy, he amused himself with the notion as her game played itself further.

Her tack shifted. “We like each other; do we not? If you trust me and we establish a safe word in advance, I’d enjoy the opportunity to cultivate my own technique. Who knows, I might even learn a few of your most intimate secrets in the process. An occupational hazard for us both, but it could come in handy down the road.”

She'd run this path once before, though on that occasion her questioning had been pretty much a frontal assault. This time, she played her frequent double entendre. It was almost a shame to be forced to deny her. "Ah live by some simple rules," Dorian replied. "First, nevah get yah honey where yah make yah money. And second," he continued, "nevah go swimmin' in yah brothah's pool. Ah conjure that a woman who has reserved her...what was it?" he asked. "Exhaustive and penetrative intimacy? Ah find that most admirable. Considerin' tha fact we both hold your young man in high esteem, Ah'd suggest that your professional services shouldn't enter into our dealings. Now, then," he brightened, "might Ah have that box? Tomorrow morning, then?"

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