Down, but not out.

Jacy considered Dorian for a moment while she drummed her fingers on the box. That was twice she asked Dorian Adler to bring her into his confidence and twice that he'd politely told her to get spaced. There was a rap at the door and Jacy looked up to see a shorter woman in overalls. It was Marisol, the new Mechanic, though the two had not yet met and Jacy only knew her to be a woman possessed of beautiful skin. For all her training and poise and flourish, Jacy was still quite young, being twenty-five, and even she was susceptible to transitory deficiencies in conviction. Without realizing she was doing it, she’d played up her womanly wiles and only when they’d been evaded did she notice what she’d done. Jacy was not frequently familiar with that situation and combined with the appearance of a new female to the mix, well Jacy was not feeling up to introductions. She smoothly slid the little box of teeth across the counter towards Dorian and hopped down. “Tomorrow morning will be perfect, Doctor. I’m sure a full set of teeth will bring with it a mouthful of questions and there are just so many things I wish to know about your profession.” To Marisol she gave a quick wave and moved to the exit, closing the sliding door against any retort from Dorian, hoping he’d at least let her have the last word.

She had stopped not far from the medical bay to think. It would be inaccurate to say that Jacy was fuming. She was irritated at her own inability to elicit information from Dorian when he had already educed from her the true intentions of her ambition. But of course he had done no such thing and she’d offered that up freely - prematurely it would seem. And from there her mild frustration stemmed; she’d been outplayed by someone whom she had not realized was playing the game or perhaps he refused to be played entirely. Jacy considered what she knew of the man, then considered whether she knew it to be true or just took him at his word. She caught herself fidgeting with the ends of her hair and dropped it immediately; that being a bad habit of which she’d been broken as a child. At any rate, expansive efforts had been made in that area. She heard the door to Dorian’s Domain open again and fearing he wished to continue their conversation or that she’d be forced to make introduction with the new woman, the blonde tucked her hands into the partial back pockets of her partial shorts and mindlessly strolled into the galley where she came across Lyen enjoying a cup of tea.

“Sister Lyen,” Jacy greeted the woman. “I half expected to see you in pink lace. Were you able to find a purchase at the novelty shop befitting your personal dimensions of comfort?”

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