Haddies Up!

"Haddie!, Haddie, come see." Gill called over to his sister who was just rousing from her nap. She had slept through take off, a testament to just how tired she had been. Rolling over and sitting up she yawned and rubbed sleep from her eyes.

Gill was standing in the door way beckoning to her. She wondered what had got him so excited? Shrugging she hopped down on the ground and walked over to where he stood.

"They have Drog-Kryi on board." he shared with her with a broad grin. It took her a moment to register what he had said and then it hit her. Her face splitting into a wide smile she shook his arm, motioning for him to lead the way.

It did not take long for them to reach the cargo bay and the familiar sounds and smells of the animals had Haddies heart leaping in her chest. She ran over and fussed several of the creatures as the jumped up at the side of their pen. She made an eating sign to Gill and he shook his head.

"We already fed them, but you can do it next time." he offered, trying to head off her inevitable disappointment. "They will need exercising as well. Vas is working on a rota."

She continued to fuss the animals while Gill talked on. She only half listened as her update her on the crews activities. Grown ups we for the most part boring and the other part confusing so she paid little attention. That was until her told her about the change of mechanics.

"...her name is Chavez." he was explaining, "She seems alright."

Haddie turned to give her brother a level stare and from the look her returned he knew that meant trouble. He shook his head.

"Now Haddie, I know you liked Devron but he left and the ship needs a..." Haddie stalked off into the ship, "Haddie wait!"

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