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After verifying that Riley was safe, Thomas went back to the Cargo bay and grabbed up his equipment he drop in a hurry. He walked over to his locker and sat on a crate. He spent the next 30 minutes fully inspecting and testing all components to ensure no damage and that it would be ready for the next walk. He stowed everything neatly, closed the locker and left for his quarters.

He entered his quarters, stripped down and took a hot shower. He then got dressed and made his way to the engine room. Since he had already cleaned most of the place up, he concentrated on basic service maintenance of the engines. He checked and double checked his guages and manual guage tests. After almost 2 hours, he was confident all was running well and realized he was quite hungry.

Thomas left for the galley and upon entering saw a little girl cleaning up.

Put you to work in the Galley I see, well, get me something to eat and drink please. No sense in being rude, since they are allowed to roam free, the Captain must be ok with it.

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