The El Vee greets the sun

“Sister Lyen,” Jacy greeted the woman. “I half expected to see you in pink lace. Were you able to find a purchase at the novelty shop befitting your personal dimensions of comfort?”

Lyen snorted into her cup mid-sip, but regained her composure and lowered the tea with two hands. Her eyes focused on the ground as she said, "I did, actually, and I may need your assistance getting the thing to turn off," there was a crinkle at her brow.

She was stuck somewhere between being calm and courageous; as a nun for the last ten years, she'd observed a myriad of beliefs about sensuality and the like, not just in reference to the secular world, but also to that of the monastery. Most traditions of the Order of the Interverse were strict about modesty, but not all were interpreted as such.

In Jacy, Ly knew there was someone who was free to be herself; untethered by moral burdens to bear, she could sail through her life living exactly as she saw fit. Lyen admired that about the companion, even if she wouldn't have adopted Jacy's outlook on life. At some point, Jacy had mentioned her morning yoga ritual to Lyen, and seeing how they had just spent a fair amount of time together on Valentine, the nun chanced to ask: "You know, I practice yoga in the mornings and I know you do too. How would you feel if we met together to 'Greet the Sun?'"

Then the captain waltzed into the galley. Lyen suddenly appeared very interested in her tea, slurping loudly as he picked up the mic to give his announcement. As ever a man of eloquence, Captain Keller, with his swagger and charm, prepared the crew and passengers of the Lunar Veil for their ascent into the black. She couldn't help but smile.

Catching his eye, she bowed her head slightly in his direction.

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