Lazy bunch ...

Vas watched Gill chase after his sister wondering what bug crawled in the girl’s hair. He was about to call Gill back but thought better of it. Best let him drag the girl back to keep her from getting stab-happy again.

So Vas shook his head. He would have to make a point to meet the new crew member. He couldn’t say he was happy the old engineer was gone as that might imply he knew anything about him. The young punk focused on his work instead; on putting together the dog bathroom run.

The dogs, now fed, lazed about the cargo bay, tails wagging every time Vas turned to make sure they were behaving. “Lazy bunch … all of you,” He accused with a wry smile.
He stepped back looking at his work. It wasn’t half bad! Vas looked back at the lazy balls of fur. “Anyone wanna test this out? No? Right - be good while I go about my work. Bark if you need.” Vas said stepping over the dogs.

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