It's gonna be a LONG flight

Keller made eye contact with the nun, freezing for a moment like a compression coil wound too tightly. He wasn't particularly a religious sort, save for a brief time as a child when he'd be dragged in his Sunday best and would mouth the word "Watermelon" repeatedly rather than actually learn the words to the hymns. And it wasn't that religious folk made him nervous. In his line of work, he'd transported people from all different faiths, but this particular journey, he had a grieving widow, her dead husband and a woman of the cloth along for the ride. It was either the start of a bad joke, or possibly some bad karma, but as long as it didn't affect the temperament or well being of the Drog-Kryi, he could deal with it.

"Sister." He said, half apologetically, retrieving the high end bottle of liquor from its place in the cabinet. He still wasn't 100% sure where it had come from, but no need to look a good gift horse in the mouth. He knew better than to get between two women and their talk of yoga -- the thought gave him pause for longer than intended, and he decided it best if he enjoyed his adult beverage elsewhere.

Stepping down the metal rungs to the cargo bay, he checked in on the Drog Kryi to see how they were settling now that they'd broken atmo. The rooster haired boy was stepping over the Drogs, Keller eyed closely to make sure no paws were trampled. While all the dogs were lazing about, one in particular made him take pause. Half in his crate, half out, the Captain figured the change in pressure might be affecting them. Riley'd best make sure this was a smooth flight.

Riley adjusted her headset, content to be alone on the bridge. She was agitated not by the take off, but by the fact that after spiking Haddie for the Alliance visit, and after the last trip - three Mach 5's wouldn't cut it for the long trip to New Kasimr. Valentine had turned out to be one dead end after another, as was the case on a lot of non-military Core planets, but they'd have to stop mid journey anyway to refuel, maybe she'd have better luck at a Skyplex.

For the time being, even with the tablet dissolving slowly under her tongue, it was hard to focus on anything else.

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