Where the Moon don't Shine

<<Lyen snorted into her cup mid-sip, but regained her composure and lowered the tea with two hands. Her eyes focused on the ground as she said, "I did, actually, and I may need your assistance getting the thing to turn off," there was a crinkle at her brow.>>

“Help turning it off? I’m far more skilled at turning things on.” Jacy leaned in conspiratorially, “Wait, are you saying you bought an electronic device and it’s still activated?! Sister, you’re terrible. I hope you sterilized it first.” Jacy plowed on without giving Lyen a chance to correct her train of thought. “They usually cease trembling when you take your hands off. Sounds like you may have a faulty unit. I’d be happy to take a look; give you a few tips if you’d like. Oh come on, that was funny. Alright, don’t turn beet red on me, the others will think we’re talking about something inappropriate. If you unscrew the end, the non pleasure end, the power cell can be removed.”

<<At some point, Jacy had mentioned her morning yoga ritual to Lyen, and seeing how they had just spent a fair amount of time together on Valentine, the nun chanced to ask: "You know, I practice yoga in the mornings and I know you do too. How would you feel if we met together to 'Greet the Sun?'">>

“Good memory, sister, but I can’t help feeling you found an opportunity to change the subject. You know, I can be pious and prim as the situation demands, so I see no harm in you being able to embrace your erotic side. I wish you’d trust me to be your guide.” One look from Lyen made it clear that conversation was getting no traction so Jacy sighed and jumped onto the nun’s tracks. “I would love to yoga with you. I thought you had the look of a bendy woman. Ordinarily I’d say we could use the cargo hold, but it’s full of adorable dogs and I’m not sure either of us could focus.”

<<Lyen suddenly appeared very interested in her tea when the Captain stopped by the galley. Catching his eye, she bowed her head slightly in his direction.>>

Jacy interlocked her fingers and rested her chin upon the shelf they made. She watched Keller with wildly exaggerated adoration and batted her eyes while he gave his preflight speech. What a man. Jacy could not say for sure whether the Captain’s clumsiness or ineptitude was real, but it certainly put him out of mind when someone was looking for a man to blame or from whom to request assistance. She and Lyen watched the Captain leave and Jacy nudged the nun with her elbow. “I think you make Daddy Keller nervous, Sister. I’ve had conversations with him that featured complete sentences so it can’t be me he runs from.”

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