Where has my little drog gone?

Keller's morning routine generally took place around 10ish on a good day, but then again, day/night in the black all kind of looked the same. Still, he rationalized it by telling people he was trying to acclimate himself slowly to the time zone on New Kasmir, and he was happy with the explanation. Like most mornings of late, what woke him was the same thing that kept him awake at night, the barks, howls and whines of the Drog Kyri. Small price to pay for the big price they'd fetch. So, as was his new morning routine, he went and checked on the precious pups before pouring himself a cup of coffee. "Number four." He said, shaking the paw of the Drog who always seemed to be begging. "Number seven." He said, scratching the head of the Drog who was always looking for attention. "LaLoyd" He greeted the Drog who was trying to hump his leg. He started to shuffle off to get his coffee, but instead he cocked his head to the side, turning his attention back to the drog kryi.

"One-tw0-three-four-five-Laloyd-Seven... Seven? where's the ruttin' eighth dog? The hell is that kid's name..." he wondered outloud. "RILEY!"

"Sir?" She called from the bridge.

"The Rooster kid, supposed to be watching these Drog Kyri -- "

"Jat, Sir." Had the pilot not been cruising on mach, she'd have rolled her eyes at the captain and his unwillingness to learn names. "Vas Jat."

"The hell is he?"

"Probably doing his job!" She called back, "That's why we promoted him."

"Or doing that girlfriend of his," the captain grumbled under his breath. There was a reason fraternization was frowned upon, and while it didn't matter if the boy slacked off on any of the regular duties of the ship - this was the Drog Kyri. He'd stressed the importance, didn't he?

"We're missing a Drog-Kryi."

"Is it LaLoyd? He's probably humping someone's leg. Relax, Sir, it's not like he could have gotten far."

"You relax," the Captain groused, not having a better comeback at the moment. He picked up the mic in the galley, first checking under the table. "It could be somewhere getting its fur singed or some sort of imperfection--

"Attention, crew and passengers, this is your Captain speaking. It appears that one of our esteemed guests, the Drog-Kryi, has gone missing. If anyone has the Drog-Kryi outside of the designated Drog-Kryi area, he needs to be returned IMMEDIATELY." The captain held the mic too close to his mouth to emphasize the importance, causing a high pitched reverberating noise that had the remaining Drog-Kyri howling. "Crew Chief, with the rooster cut! This is on you! Find that Ruttin' Drog-Kryi!"

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