Dawn of the Dentist

"Attention, crew and passengers, this is your Captain speaking. It appears that one of our esteemed guests, the Drog-Kryi, has gone missing. If anyone has the Drog-Kryi outside of the designated Drog-Kryi area, he needs to be returned IMMEDIATELY. Crew Chief, with the rooster cut! This is on you! Find that Ruttin' Drog-Kryi!"

The captain’s announcement echoed with an accompanying squeal of feedback that soon had the rest of his canine hostages howling their displeasure. “Aaaah-ooooooh” Dorian joined the chorus with a smirk. There was a certain comfort to be taken from the daily madness that was life aboard Lunar Veil.

He lifted the exam table, adjusting it into its’ upright “treatment chair” position. Next came tool prep. Dorian placed an array of implements, dental mirrors, and the epoxy he’d use to secure Jacy’s new crowns for a lifetime of use. Given the way life had complicated itself since that ill fated night on Ezra, he found a gladness in this morning’s work, a simplicity of focus that refreshed. This morning, he could shed for awhile the weights of “thinker, doctor, hunter, spy” in favor of his long standing profession.

The box containing Jacy’s crowns was laid upon the tool tray. He slipped into his white dental smock, grabbed the steaming mug of coffee, and settled upon his work stool. A few minutes remained before Jacy’s appointment, offering him the quiet respite of his infirmary. The coffee was decent this morning. His rib was still a bit tender, but the bruising and the burns were all healing well. “Just a couple more days of this eye patch,” he whispered before the last satisfying mouthful of coffee made its’ way down.

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