Found the dog ... a few other things

Vas huffed hearing the announcement. “Are you freaking serious? Is it number 8 again?!” He groaned putting down the box. “Gill! Haddie!” He said loudly. Of course, they were nowhere nearby! That might have been helpful.

“Never mind I’ll hunt the dog down by myself.” He said impatiently as he detangled himself from the mound of boxes. Vas went the usual spots the massive escape artist had hid it self before. For whatever reason, number eight seemed to think the ENTIRE ship was its domain and refused being restricted to the cargo bay.
Vas was padding around the ship looking in every closet, nook, cranny, and storage area. He had been spending a great deal of time cleaning the ship giving how much shit was stuffing in the nooks and as such was getting to know all the little secret spots the ship contained.

“The hell could that dog have gone! Buddha help me if the captain miscounted.” He said searching room by room.

Recently with the crew changeover, there was a bunk change too. Add to the fact Vas had to keep a close eye on the dogs he had opted to give up his bunk in the crew quarters for one in the passenger bay next to the cargo bay. For now at least.
After searching all the rooms he opened the door to his new room, might as well be thorough. He only recently changed bunks so everything was still in a box and open duffle.

An … open … empty …

“Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy…” Vas said picking up the duffle and shaking out … nothing! It was empty! He clothes were gone! “the actual hell is going on? Who would take my shit!” He complained.

There was the familiar thud of a dog’s tail coming from under the bed.

“Awe you better not be getting your dog smell on my clothes!” Vas grumbled looking under the bed. Oh, the dog was there, pleased as punch too! Along with three little bundles of joy suckling milk. “That explains a lot now … you owe me a shirt now.” Vas added crossly to the dog. He … well, she simply gave him a proud happy look and put her head down clearly tired. “Yea you do that … I gotta get the Captain now …”

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