Jacy's Overdue for Oral ... care

Jacy hopped up smoothly and laid back in the table/chair/bed. She really wasn’t sure what to call it these days; it had seen more action than anyone on the ship, that was for sure. And that made her think about her as yet unannounced plans with Vas that evening. For Vas, she reminded herself. Tonight was to be about Sugar Bear. And that made her cross her ankles to stem the flush that she could feel rising.

She allowed her head to be tipped back and positioned by Dorian as he lowered her jaw and peered into her mouth. At this proximity she could smell the clean scent of soap and the coffee from his breath. She crossed her ankles tighter. Then she winced just a touch as he prodded the inside of her mouth. His prognosis was good, she’d healed and that was a relief. Jacy needed her mouth restored and cosmetically whole for more than one aspect of her work; the biggest being her sense of confidence. She’d come to rely on a certain aesthetic advantage and even though the inside of her mouth was rarely scrutinized, a talker and a screamer like herself who expressed amusement and delight as frequently as she did needed to know everything was imparting symmetry, if not grace.

“If you don’t mind, Doctor Adler, I think I will opt for the anesthetic this time. With the memory of the injury still so raw, I’m a bit timid.” Jacy reached up to lay a hand on Dorian’s wrist. “But before you begin, I wanted to ask you a medical question. What treatment would you prescribe for recurring nosebleeds? It’s not for me, it’s for your Crew Chief.”

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