On Divas, Dentists, Droggies, and Demanding SOB's

OOC: Thanks to Blitzen for character consult.

IC: Adler turned toward his prep tray. “Nosebleeds,” he said as he filled a syringe, “are very common in young men Vas’ age. He also had his nose broken on Persephone, during that tussle with tha gang members in our cargo bay…remembah?” He checked the dosage amount. Typically, the application of dental crowns was a noninvasive process that involved cementing the artificial over the existing tooth, utterly lacking in pain or sensitivity. The psychology, however, still weighed upon some people. “White Coat Syndrome” was an oft witnessed obstacle for some patients whose fears would manifest themselves in the dental chair. “Unless his nosebleeds are chronic daily occurrences, Ah wouldn’t do more than take a steam hot shower once a day. If it doesn’t let up in a few weeks,” he said as he lowered the needle into her open mouth, “have ‘im drop by. Ah’ll take a look. Yah’ll feel a mild pinch,” he cautioned.

The needle slipped into the healthy pink gum tissue. With gentle push, Dorian administered part of the anesthetic, before moving to inject a second location further back. Once that was complete, he moved the needle to the roof of Jacy’s mouth, where he injected the final portion. “There,” he announced. “Now we’ll wait. In about ten minutes yah should be…”

The arrogant squeal of the boat’s PA system roused an involuntary wince from both the patient and her dentist. Captain Keller’s voice boomed outward, his bellowing commands echoing rudely throughout the ship. “Now listen up, Doc…Doc…what’s his ruttin’ name?”

“Adler,” Dorian chuckled in unison with a slightly more aggravated Lt. Riley.

“Doc…shoot…Doc! Drop whoever you’re doin’ and get to the rooster kid’s bunk. Number 8 just dropped a 9, 10, and 11. Go check ‘em out. Copy?”

“Excuse me,” Dorian said. He moved toward the intercom. “This is Adler,” he replied. “Ah copy. Currently in tha middle of a dental procedure. I’ll be there in thirty minutes.” As he paused to change gloves, he grinned over the resulting on-mic exchange between a now bellicose captain and the pilot who introduced reason. After a flustered response of ‘well…move your ass,’ the channel closed. “Ah love that woman,” the dentist laughed as he took his seat. “Now, then, Miss Jacy,” he asked, “yah startin’ tah feel numb?”

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